VVDI MINI TOOL - Renew and generate remote/keyless for Honda, Yamaha

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1. Mini Key Tool Function Introduction:

  • It can also generate remotes for various car brands and motobike by connecting the mini key tool with the VVDI Mobile App available on both Android & iOS mobiles.
  • Read the pincode ID on the plastic card on the key
  • Reset, renew the registered keys or the used keys
  • The key after renewal can be reused and registered for any bike
  • Generate SmartKey Honda Honda K01, K35, K36, K77, K53, K12, K44, K66
  • Support reset, renew  Smart key for Honda Airblade / Lead / Click / Vario (updating)
  • Use for all keys such as: K01, K29, K77, K35, K53, K36, K97, K96, K96J ..
  • Read, write IMMO code for PIAGGIO / VESPA (chip T5)
  • Support all smart key of HONDA and YAMAHA

2. Steps

2.1. Read KEY ID and Renew Honda 3 buttons smart key

  • Firstly, users need to download “Xhorse” app on the smartphone
  • Connect Bluetooth between smartphone and VVDI
  • Put the smart key users need to read KEY ID, renew like the following picture:


The steps process on the Xhorse app

renew TA1.jpg

renew TA2.jpg

2.2. Read, Write, Copy the Piaggio/Vespa key (using the T5 chip)

Put the key or chip in the following position


The steps process on the Xhorse app

  • Read and Write function

Piaggio TA 1.jpg

Piaggio TA 2.jpg

  • KEY ID Copy function

Piaggio TA 3.jpg

Piaggio TA 4.jpg

2.3. Create a smart key using VVDI remote

  • Using VVDI remote users can dump data into almost all smart key models such as K01, K77, K29, K35, K36, K96, K97, K66, K59, K44, K12, and Yamaha key

Put the key or chip in the following position

tạo chìa.jpg

The steps process on the Xhorse app

tạo chìa TA1_1.jpg

tạo chìa TA2.jpg

tạo chìa TA3.jpg

VVDI Mini Key Tool Full Authorization (already activated):

  • AI - Car Remote Type

  • AI - Key Blade Type

  • AI - PIN Code

  • Remote - Vehicle Remote

  • Remote - Garage Remote

  • Remote -Proximity Remote

  • Generate Transponder - 7935/46/4D/48/8C

  • Generate Transponder - Toyota H (8A)

  • Transponder Clone - ID48 (96 bits)

  • Transponder Clone - ID46

  • Transponder Clone - ID4D

  • Transponder Clone - ID4E

  • Transponder Clone - ID70/ 83

  • Transponder Clone - ID11/ 12/ 13/ 4C/ 8C

  • Transponder Clone - Toyota/ Daihatsu G

  • Transponder Clone - Toyota H (8A)

  • Transponder Clone - ID33/42

  • Transponder Edit - 11/12/13/4C

  • Transponder Edit - 46/47/48/4D/4E

  • Remote Clone - Fix Code

  • Remote Clone - Rolling Code

  • Remote Clone - Make New

  • Detect Remote Frequency

  • Set Type of VVDI Super Transponder

  • VVDI Special TP

  • Special 4D to 4C

  • Unlock Toyota Smart Key

  • ID63 to ID83

  • Hyundai/Kia PIN Code

  • Copy BYD Smart Key

  • Detect Ignition Coil Signal


  • Usage Time: ≥10 Hour

  • Product Size: 108x194x28mm

  • Weight: 229g

  • Charge Current: 1A

  • Battery Capacity: 150mAh

  • Power: 600mW

  • Battery Voltage: 3.6-4.2V

 List of accessories

  • 1pc x VVDI Mini Key Tool Device

  • 1pc x Remote Programming Cable

  • 1pc x USB cable

  • 1pc x User Guide

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